2022 Acrylic Mirror – Where Does It Work Best?

Acrylic mirror - where does it work best?

Reflective Plexiglas is one of the newest products in our range. This material gives us the opportunity to create extremely impressive decorative elements. In today’s guide, we will try to give you an insight into the properties of acrylic mirror and introduce you to some of how this type of acrylic can be used.

Plexiglas mirror – what is it?

A plexiglass mirror is nothing more than acrylic glass with a mirrored surface on one side. In terms of properties and technical parameters, plexiglass mirrors retain all the advantages of classic plexiglass. The most important characteristics of specular Plexiglas are:

  1. Silver-colored one-sided mirror surface.

2. The mirror layer is attached to the underside of the plate. Thanks to this construction, the mirror is protected by a layer of colorless material.

3. Only half the weight compared to glass and 10 times more shatterproof.

4. The plexiglass mirror is protected by a special protective film and shipping paper during transport and assembly.

5. Like classic acrylic glass, reflective Plexiglas is resistant to UV rays and adverse weather conditions. This means that an acrylic glass mirror can also be used outdoors, for example, in the garden.

Acrylic Glass Mirror – Applications

A Plexiglas mirror is an extremely versatile element that can be used in many areas. At home, we can use custom acrylic mirrors mainly as decorations. This material can also be used for furniture elements or various types of glazing. A plexiglass mirror is also a suitable material for protecting a terrace or balcony, especially if the building’s facade is designed in a modern, design-oriented style. Here the plexiglass mirror is not only a decoration but also a functional and practical balcony cover. Decorative elements and mirrors are also widely used in commercial and service premises or in retail. Due to its properties, the specular plexiglass is ideal for facilities such as beauty salons, sports clubs, gyms, dance schools, etc.

This material is also widely used in the advertising industry. Similar to ordinary transparent or colored acrylic glass, reflective Plexiglas is also used for the production of advertising signs, lettering, panels or shop window elements.

Plexiglas mirror at home

The most obvious way to use such acrylic glass in the home is quite simply a mirror made of Plexiglas. Thanks to its good transparency and mirror layer, this plexiglass can successfully replace a classic mirror. However, when choosing such a solution, we must take into account an important point. Reflective Plexiglas is available as a 3 mm thick sheet. With larger Plexiglas mirrors, this material thickness does not ensure sufficient rigidity of the plate. However, the deflection of the surface can cause a distortion of the reflected image. A simple solution is a plexiglass mirror in a frame that stiffens the pane, or a mirror permanently attached to a flat wall.

Another option for using reflective plexiglass in the apartment is inscriptions made of acrylic mirrors. You can easily design and order such decorations with our online configurator. Cutting out complex shapes from mirrored Plexiglas is possible with a modern laser plotter. We always call it an acrylic mirror wall sticker.

Acrylic mirror in the garden

Since acrylic glass is completely weatherproof, this material can also be used successfully in our gardens. Using mirrors in the garden is one of the most popular trends of recent times. How can we use an acrylic glass mirror in the garden? The garden mirror made of plexiglass serves primarily as a decorative element. It can be used, for example, to optically enlarge the garden or place it in the immediate vicinity of a pond or fountain. A properly placed plexiglass garden mirror can create a really interesting and unique design effect.

Why is a plexiglass garden mirror a better idea than a glass mirror? The biggest advantage of a plexiglass garden mirror is its resistance to breakage. Strong winds, hailstorms or even excessive play by children or pets can easily damage a glass mirror. On the other hand, a garden mirror made of Plexiglas is up to 10 times more break-resistant. A plexiglass garden mirror is also much safer than a classic glass mirror. Even if a Plexiglas mirror breaks, the shards are not harmful – it is very difficult to injure yourself on them.

Where to buy acrylic mirror wall stickers?

Acrylic mirror wall stickers are an easy way to add fun to your walls. They can be used as decorative or functional items. The acrylic mirror wall stickers from Admire Stickers come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. These stickers are durable and will last for years. You can trust and buy with confidence.

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