How Do You Clean Acrylic Mirror Sheets?

Clean Acrylic Mirror Sheets

Cleaning acrylic mirror sheets are somewhat more demanding than cleaning ordinary glass. This is due to its higher sensitivity to scratches. The good news is that if you use the right tools, half the battle is already paid. The rest is knowing how to do it. You will learn both from us in the following text. We compile tips and tricks for cleaning acrylic glass for you. Let’s go!

For cleaning the acrylic mirror sheet, you need

1. The antistatic plastic cleaner Burnus.

2. Some washing-up liquid.

3. Sufficient lukewarm water.

4. A soft cloth that does not contain fluff (microfiber cloth).

5. A soft sponge.

Due to the higher s.usceptibility to scratches, you should use a soft microfiber cloth to clean acrylic. These do not cost much and offer gentle handling of the material. As a cleaning agent, we recommend warm soapy water. On the one hand, it is much cheaper than glass cleaner or spirit. For another, these cleaning agents would not loosen solid dirt particles such as dust or sand from the panel. On the contrary, they remain on the material and are then wiped back and forth by the cloth. In the process, you cause fine scratches in the acrylic glass, which is what we want to avoid.

Instead, get a large bucket of warm water in which you put a drop of soap (or washing-up liquid). The dirt will be rinsed away easily this way. In addition, the dirt particles stick well to the microfiber cloth, making it easy to remove them. Since we don’t want any scratches on the plate, the cloth must be rinsed out regularly. Cleaning agents such as acetone, thinner or petroleum ether are an absolute no-go. They would soften the surface of the plate and leave a permanent haze. As is so often the case, simple (and cheaper!) means should be preferred here.

Avoid electrostatic charges

When cleaning acrylic, you must be careful not to electrostatically charge the sheet. Such a charge attracts dust. This can be wiped away but may cause scratches in the process. Also, the acrylic will stay clean longer if it doesn’t attract dust right away. The best way to prevent electrostatic charge is to use Burnus plastic cleaner. This is a proven remedy, Since Plexiglas and Perspex are identical to acrylic, Burnus does an excellent job here as well. Burnus has a very strong antistatic effect. Once used for cleaning, the glass looks really great and stays clean longer. A daily wiping is then no longer necessary. Thus, many small scratches are also prevented in the long term.

Cleaning damaged or heavily soiled acrylic glass.

In some cases, acrylic sheets are heavily soiled. Thick layers of dust not only look ugly but also make cleaning difficult. A simple trick helps here: blow the dust away with a compressor! The panel is then much cleaner, and the dust cannot cause any scratches during subsequent cleaning. The same points as described above apply to cleaning. Use warm water to which you add a small amount of soap or detergent. Important: refrain from rubbing the pane dry. It is much better to let the acrylic sheet air dry.

If your acrylic sheet is damaged or scratched, it must be polished. In our article “Polishing acrylic glass”, you will learn everything you need to know about this. At this point, we would just like to point out that the antistatic plastic cleaner Burnus is a great recommendation to keep acrylic shining longer.

Where to buy acrylic mirror sheets?

Home decoration stores, art stores, DIY stores, and online retailers all sell acrylic mirror sheets. Mirror sheets are a low-cost way to add an extra dimension to a room. The sheets are made of thick, sturdy acrylic, which makes them more durable than paper-backed mirrors. The sheets are great for decorating your home and are easy to cut and assemble.

Admire Stickers are specialized in acrylic mirror sheets which will make your home modern and bright, find the best acrylic mirror sheet for your home decoration now!

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