How Do You Fix Broken Acrylic Sheet?


Acrylic is a great material for props and costumes. It works well with laser cutters, laser engravers, or outside services like Conoco. It can be heat-bent and lit to make some very cool and interesting props, but acrylic sheets often break due to travel or some rough handling. But don’t worry, these can be put back together, and your props can be repaired.

The tools you’ll need are some clear packing tape, you’ll need a razor blade or a knife, and you’ll need some glue.

I’m using super glue here. Many different types of glue work well on acrylic, but this is easy to find, so I use it.

Please make sure the pieces are clean, and then you need to very carefully put a piece of tape down and smooth it out to minimize air bubbles, and the next thing you want to do is line up your pieces and pull this piece of tape backward.

And then flatten this piece of tape, take this piece of tape, trim it on these edges with your blade, and with your piece of tape, you create a hinge, which is perfect, and what you want to do is open it up, use your glue, apply it to the spot, but be very, very sparing with the glue, because you don’t want this What you can do is put it on a flat surface, or depending on the shape of your prop, hang it up so that the weight of the part on the hinge will hold the glue together and then let it cure completely.

You can see the glue has set, then all you need to do is pick up another piece of tape and try to line it up where you put the tape before, then put another piece of tape on the other side so that your parts are back together. Your prop is ready to use, and now, in an emergency, you can skip the glue step and use the tape, which has a lot of strength.

Another benefit is that even if the glue breaks, the tape will hold it together, so you don’t have to worry about losing large pieces of your prop and hustling sessions.

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