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If the Wall Decal Doesn’t Stick – What Can You Do?

If the Wall Decal Doesn't Stick - What Can You Do?

In this chapter, we’ve already given you numerous pieces of advice to follow when applying a wall decal. You know that the condition of the chosen surface plays a significant role, and improper storage of the decal can reduce its adhesive strength. Additionally, there are some options available to optimize the adhesion of the wall […]

Instruction: Proper wallpapering like the pros!

woman apply wallpaper

A change of wallpaper literally brings new life into the room. There are no limits to the room design with wallpaper through various materials and patterns. You give your home a distinctive look, from the monochrome wood chip wallpaper to the non-woven wallpaper with photo motifs – with different colors and patterns. In our step-by-step […]

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