Differences Between Wall Decals and Wall Stickers

Floral Plants Wall Sticker Boho Wall Decals

A colorful parrot flits through the bedroom, while poppies in a meadow stretch their heads skyward in the living room. With wall decals and wall stickers, you can quickly and decoratively transform the ambiance of your home.

It’s not just fresh wall colors that bring a breath of fresh air, and it’s not just wallpapers with nature or landscape motifs that are back in vogue. It’s the trendy wall decals and wall stickers that add a touch of individuality to your rooms in a playful way. This type of decoration is particularly beloved by women because it’s quick and easy to apply. The decals are removable and self-adhesive, allowing them to be repositioned and replaced on walls as many times as desired. Creativity knows no bounds – you’ll find charming motifs as well as funny or thought-provoking quotes.

Nothing is forever, and the same applies to your home. Fresh wall colors or decals bring the desired change and serve a purpose beyond mere decoration. They set the mood in every room and enhance the appeal of furniture and corners.

Self-adhesive wall decals come in countless colors, patterns, and shapes, adhering securely to any surface, be it textured wallpaper, plaster, or even your refrigerator. They can be applied on glass, tiles, or cabinets, adding a personal touch.

Before applying, ensure that the surface is dry, clean, and free from grease. Some products have special features, such as being washable or highly durable, even in kitchens or bathrooms. Choose decals that complement the room’s atmosphere without overwhelming it.


You might think that when it comes to wall decorations like wall stickers and wall decals, there’s no difference other than the name. But that’s not the case, as wall decals are made from significantly thinner vinyl than stickers. Additionally, decals, due to their thinner material, are more flexible and can be applied easily even on rough wall surfaces like textured wallpaper or textured plaster. Wall stickers, on the other hand, are less adaptable and are better suited for smooth surfaces.

A wall sticker functions like a regular sticker, applied directly to the wall. With wall decals, a transfer film ensures a perfect fit. Once the decal is firmly pressed onto the wall, the film can be removed. If dealing with a rough surface, using a hairdryer for warming can help for a perfect fit.

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