HOW TO DECORATE BOHO STYLE – 11 tips to get you started!

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Today we’ll look at 11 tips to help you bring bohemian style into your home.

So the first thing you can do is make your home bohemian. Bohemian homes are always full of texture, but how do you add texture to your home? You always hear this about adding texture but like what does it mean? The way I like to add texture to my home is to think about things that I like to touch. When I go shopping, things that I like to touch might bring texture to my room with something. So you can look at baskets, you can look at macramé hangers, woven items, things made out of leather, stones, textured blankets, pillows, thick knits, and anything that feels comfortable will have texture. So what you want to do is add pillows to the floor, Moroccan style pillows and ottomans, you know, those beautiful leather ottomans that you see so often, or even layered cozy sofas that just invite people to stay on the floor for a while, not only for low-level seating but lower coffee tables, in the bedroom, maybe lower beds, low-level furniture.

The next tip is to not use a lot of heavy dark furniture lighter. Dark furniture tends to be heavy in your room, especially if you think about those dark IKEA pieces you see around a lot. They may look good in a modern setting, but it’s better to go for lighter woods in a bohemian setting. Still, it would help if you remembered to have a smaller, darker element in your room.

The next step is to add plants to the room. If you want a bohemian room, any bohemian room you see on Instagram or on the internet will have plants. I guarantee that plants will add this beautiful jungle vibe to any space. They are bright in the room, make it fresher, and add color to the whole decor, so you should definitely try adding plants. I would say that both potted and hanging plants will do wonders for your space. If you have the right temperature in your home and live in the right climate, then tropical plants are very popular.

The next suggestion is to use a variety of different light sources. You don’t want to stick with just one overhead light. You want to try a mix of different types of light sources if you can. If you have an overhead light, it’s like a chest light, you know, those chest lights, if you could switch it out for a woven chandelier or something like that, that would be a good place to start. Then maybe floor lamps, table lamps, candles, string lights, you name it, try and create clusters of lighting, maybe in the conversation area, so you create this very laid back.

If you want a fraternity room, you have to use rugs if you can, especially vintage rugs and Moroccan rugs. These really really add a global eclectic feel. Layered rugs can also be more cost-effective. If you have a very large room, you can’t buy a huge rug to fill it, it can get quite expensive, and you can layer smaller rugs that cover more of the space; ideally, you spend less because the carpet is smaller.

Another way is to use a jute rug as a base and then lay a Persian or Moroccan rug on top; it looks great, adds comfort, and adds a bohemian vibe.

If you’re not sure where to start picking your pattern, try picking an overarching hue like gold and purple, or you know blue and green, or any two or three colors that inspire you, and then get the pattern from that hue, you also need to make sure that if you use a lot of patterns, or even just a big, bold pattern, your eyes have room to rest, for example, if you use like a beautiful colorful tapestry on your bed or on your couch. Then you scale it down with neutral bedding or a neutral couch because otherwise, it becomes a visual overload. You don’t necessarily want that, you can go over it if you want, but if you can get your eyes to stay in certain areas of the room, that’s even better.

So the next step is to add some vintage elements to your room. If you’re doing a pop-up living room, for example, you can try and find a chair, whether it’s an armchair or a wooden chair, or a coffee table. Vintage things add some character to your room because they’re worn and have a story. That’s what bohemian really is. It tries to tell a story, so the next step is to add a bright color, something that you don’t have to, but it really helps add vibrancy and joy to your space; bohemian is not disorganized, bohemian is fun, bohemian is light.

The next step is not strictly decorative but is important in your home, and that is home fragrance, don’t underestimate the importance of having a fragrance. It helps you and others feel at home unless you choose a fragrance your guests hate. You want to smell something beautiful in your home that makes you feel relaxed.

One last tip is to add things you love to your home and surround yourself with things that inspire joy. As Mary Kondo said, you want things that make you happy. This rule is true for any style. Ideally, you always want to be surrounded by things you love. Bohemian takes time. Technically it’s a style that evolves as you acquire items from your travels around the world, that’s how global it feels, and that’s what makes it feel so diverse and interesting. We don’t always get to travel around the world and acquire items. It’s important that when you shop, you’re really buying things that mean something to you, whether it’s because of their texture of them or the way they look, or the way they make you feel. I hope you’ve found some useful tips in this paragraph and that you’ve been able to make a little home for yourself.

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