Wall Stickers – Magic for the Kids’ Room

Does your child love everything with a unicorn on it? Or is it all about the farm and farm animals? Create your child’s dream room! Imaginative and colorful wall stickers are a great way to easily give the children’s room a new look. With an exciting selection of wall decals, your child will surely find a favorite. With their magical details, Admire Stickers create a wonderful atmosphere and an inspiring world in the children’s room.

You simply attach the adorable wall stickers to a smooth or slightly textured surface. So wall decals are perfect for doors, cabinet doors, dressers, and walls. But they also hold on wallpaper, tiles, and plastered walls. The stickers are also great for mailboxes and exterior doors. Thanks to our excellent material, the stickers stick exactly where you want them and can be easily removed or repositioned. Wall stickers are not for playing – but for decorating surfaces. Choose wall stickers from the following theme sets:
Check out this beautiful selection.

Cartoon Forest Bear Rabbit Watercolor Wall Stickers

In one set you will find:

The largest animimal sticker is about 114 x 30 cm and the smallest dot sticker is about 30 x 21 cm in size. Be creative – It will look great! The advantage of our wall stickers is that you can easily remove, reposition, and reuse them. The stickers are perfect for smooth and slightly textured surfaces. However, you should not stick them on freshly painted or newly wallpapered walls. For this, we recommend that you wait at least 30 days until the wall is completely dry.

You don’t need to bring a decorating professional into your home when you can do it yourself. Admire Stickers are easy to handle for both adults and children. So let the whole family help with decorating. However, the four-legged family members should keep some distance when it comes to sticking on surfaces. They can provide moral support from the sidelines and keep everyone on their toes with some barking and meowing. Remember to always keep an eye on your child when applying or repositioning the stickers. Use them again The decorative elements can be easily removed from the wall or surface. Set them aside and save them for later or give the stickers to someone if you no longer need them. Reusing is fun and good for the environment – our wall decals are well suited for this.

In our experience, it is best to decorate the children’s room with things that can be easily changed, repositioned, or quickly removed again. For this reason, Admire Stickers wall stickers are made of a material that makes this possible. Our children grow so fast and therefore it is helpful to have the opportunity to change the children’s room in line with the child’s age and adapt it according to interests. Scandinavian Design We are very excited that we have designed our wall stickers together with our colleagues in Scandinavia and now produce them directly at our location in Germany. We always work hard to deliver you the best in premium quality – and this product is certainly no exception. We hope that our wall stickers bring some fresh wind into your children’s everyday life – and of course into yours.

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