6 Ways To Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

6 Ways To Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

Mirrors are usually placed to make the room look bigger. Still, I assure you that for this article, in addition to doing that, we’re going to make the illusion of a bigger room because mirrors in living rooms usually don’t work for everyone, Because mirrors need to be big to make an impact, not everyone has the space or space to save, so in this article, we’re going to stick to the basics.

 Here we have a small living room of 7.36 square meters The question is how can you make The room looks huge. You only need to change six things.

First, the floor lamp minimizes the furniture on the floor as much as possible. Of course, there is no such thing as a floating sofa. Try reducing them and replacing one or two with ledges or floating cabinets. It’s real that using the floor and ceiling creates the illusion of height in the room when our eyes move vertically and know there’s only more to the floor space.

There is no rug in the living room, so putting a large rug under it will make your furniture look scattered and create an illusion. Put everything together to get a small space away from a patterned rug. If it is large enough, Your best bet is a light and neutral rug. All legs of the furniture must sit on.

Now, look at our coffee table legs. They take up so much space. They are bulky and create the illusion that a larger space is a sense of movement and openness in the room. Furniture with slender legs can Let the light and air go under it by choosing furniture with long legs and as little dark as possible.

The next thing we are almost done with is you should choose light and pastel shades of the wall color, and this can make a huge difference Because that’s the largest part of the room; I’ve been doing all the lightness all the time. There’s a science behind it because light and bright colors reflect light, and dark colors absorb light, so we should reflect natural light by reflecting the light. This will make the space look more open and airy. Here are our color suggestions. Classic white, pastel green, lilac, pastel gray, and vanilla blush.

Next is this sofa. The problem is we’re not going to make the sofa smaller. We need to change the upholstery to something lighter and more neutral.

Another tip is to match your sofa color and lean against the wall so it can eventually blend in with the space. Please get rid of your blackout curtains in one and replace them with clear curtains. Let the light illusion drop it in a larger room.

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